What is a self-service banking profile?

    Your self-service banking profile gives you access to our range of self-service banking
    solutions: Internet, telephone and cellphone banking. You must create a self-service
    banking profile to be able to use the abovementioned services.

    Who needs a self-service banking profile?

    All new and existing telephone and cellphone banking customers.
    All new Internet banking customers.
    All new and existing prepaid customers that use the telephone banking system to top-up their airtime.
    If you are an existing Internet banking customer you will automatically have a self-service banking profile.

    How do I create my self-service banking profile?

    You can create your self-service banking profile by calling our Customer Contact Centre on 0860 123 000 or via the internet by clicking here.
    You must have a valid Standard Bank card and an ATM PIN or customer- selected PIN (CSP).


    • One point of registration for telephone, cellphone and internet banking.
    • Increased security: you will be notified via SMS or email when there is activity on your self-service banking profile.